Goals and the new semester

I guess there are many goals for this semester. One of which is to write on this blog every single day. I think that would be great. And get A's. That would be great, too.

The power steering fluid in my car is leaking and it sucks worse than you can imagine. Well, Danny gave me a ride to work this morning. He's also giving me a ride tomorrow, and Liel is picking me up. I have great friends.

It seems that this semester will be fun, or at least interesting. I like the two classes I have so far. Met Madame Thompson, for the first time. She's in charge of basically...the whole French program here. Way intimidating lady. She looks a little bit like a toad-shaped Mrs. Wormwood (remember Calvin and Hobbes?) with beehive hair. Her accent is so beautiful. She's a super duper grammarian stickler for correctness on everything. She'll do my OPI later this year.

Danny and I went grocery shopping and it was sooooo fun.

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  1. Goals: stars to shoot for, not sticks to hit yourself with...

    I review what I did instead of write to-do lists--way more encouraging for me!

    I totally believe in you!

    <3 mom


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