Renaissance Academy in Lehi in dissarray

The administration of Renaissance Academy fired my old supervisor. They refused to tell her specifically why. They said that she failed to comply with the terms of a previous reprimand, but when asked how, they refused to say anything.

Some well-meaning founding parents of the school tried to unite the parents by calling for a boycott today, but then rescinded it. I think this had the effect of dividing people into two camps: the Mr. Young-camp and the World Language-camp. I'm not really sure, since I am officially "banned from campus".

Our home teachers called and asked us what the deal was when he saw an article in the newspaper about it. You can read it here:


They screwed up, though. I resigned on November 3rd. It was my supervisor, the World Language Director, who was fired this last Monday.

I am so glad to be gone from that school. There's nothing but politics and drama now, and that is the last thing that I need.