Utah is not a Four-letter Word

I have been dreading tomorrow for several weeks. It is the day that my father and I will start our road trip to Provo, Utah, where I go to school (Brigham Young University). There isn't one reason that this situation is so dreaded - but rather a combination of memories of Utah suck-ness, ever growing affection towards my home state and the general New England region, but what is probably most significant - the people.

In an effort to cheer me up, Trevor told me that, "Hey, Utah's not a four-letter word."



"$#*!, I guess it is."

Other four-letter words having to do with Utah include:
(honor) code
fech (okaaay, since this isn't a reeeeal word, it doesn't matter I forgot the "t")

But do not include:


If you can think of anything else, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!

Currently, I cannot imagine a force powerful enough to convince me to remove my membership from facebook's "In Utah, but not Of Utah" group.

Why I Like Massachusetts

Welcome to my new blog!

This is my new blog.

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This blog's format is inspired by Ira Glass's radio show "This American Life." If you have a radio, you should listen to the show. If you have a TV with cable, you should watch the new TV show. If you have the internet, you should download the podcast.

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Each post will have a loosely based theme, all of theme having something to do with my life. Written, spoken, filmed, or otherwise represented, the only foreseeable limits to this project are time and bandwidth.

I hope you enjoy this blog a fraction as much as I enjoy working on it.