Notable Posts

Strong Opinions and Personal Favorites
These are the posts in which I express something I strongly believe in, and sometimes they end up a bit controversial. 

Major Life Moments
This is basically a chronology of my life in blog format.

These posts are highlights from the past two years, in which I have been continuously pregnant. Well, I guess there was a 5 month break in there, but it sure didn't feel like it!

Motherhood and Parenting
These posts are all about my experiences as a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), including breastfeeding, epiphanies on motherhood, and teaching my children.
  • Nursing - My early thoughts and feelings about breastfeeding
  • Chores - How people in the past did theirs and how I discovered I needed a plan to do mine (not that I stuck to it...)
  • The Most Important - Families are Forever and they are more important than anything else, and how I realized this
  • Signs Jane Can Do - Brag-post about how awesomely intelligent Jane is, and why baby signing is super cool

I do have political views other than about health care, I just haven't blogged much about them...

Testimony Building Moments
These are posts about spiritual experiences I've had.