False Gospel Doctrine

So in the LDS church you submit yourself to 3 hours of church/Sunday. Recently I have only been able to get through the first hour, due to lots and lots of nausea. Today I managed to stay during the first AND second hour, which is Sunday school. You can choose which class you go to (Gospel Essentials is for new converts or investigators, sometimes they have a class on Marriage, or Familiy History...), and I usually go to Gospel Doctrine with Danny because it's where most everybody goes. Today we were with his family at their home ward in Colorado, and the teacher said something that was utterly false doctrine.

If you aren't LDS then you won't know the buzz word "secret combination". Basically, several civilizations in the Book of Mormon perished because people were wicked and turned to Satan for power. They use "secret combinations" - but that's about the length of description the Book of Mormon gives to describe exactly what they do to get their evil power. I think any sane person could understand why a holy book wouldn't include details of sadistic rituals, rites, and secrets.

Anyway, the teacer said that the definition of a "secret combination" is any kind of deal done in secret. To his credit, everyone in the room knew what he MEANT, but what he actually said was that any deal done in secret to the benefit of those making it was a secret combination.

I spent a good portion of the clas shooting holes through his definition in whispers to Danny at the back of the classroom.

"Secrets gleaned by spies during WWII?"
"ANY kind of foreign intelligence? Like in Iraq?"
"What about businessmen? So their company secrets count as 'secret combinations'?"

I ended up raising my hand and saying, "Well, I think you need to say that the definition of a 'secret combination' is any deal done in secret FOR EVIL...what about Mary? If she had told everyone she was pregnant..."

And he interrupted me to say, "That's not what we're talking about, obviously!"

("Well, it's what you SAID we were talking about! If you look at it one way, what Mary and Gabriel did was a sort of 'deal' in secrecy! I'm sure that if Mary could have refused, even though obviously she wouldn't have...")

It bugs me when GD teachers assume that everyone's on the same page, and when they try to make super oversimplified generalizations that just don't work.

I couldn't stay after the GD class because I was super hungry and exhausted, so Danny and I went out to the car, still discussing this issue. Me: "I mean, what's the point in defining a 'secret combination' anyway? The Book of Mormon doesn't! There doesn't seem to be any real value in doing that!"

Sigh. He was probably trying his best, and I'm sure his heart was in the right place. Yet words are extremely important, especially when you are supposed to be the keeper of knowledge.


...and PS I was wrong about the Nausea

...it's back in full swing and sucks because it's hard to find something appetizing, that I would actually enjoy eating.

I hope this goes away soon.

My belly is poufing out! Pictures soon.

sic transit gloria mundi

...if I were a Latin teacher I would die laughing telling this to my class.

So Bernard Madoff is this guy who was a giant on Wall Street. I had never heard of him, but then again I have only been to Wall Street once as a tourist. Anyway, apparently he was the second person to successfully manage a Ponzi scheme since the 1920's. Well, at least that's what they're calling it. So far they haven't really been able to determine exactly how he got away with swindling investors out of 50 BILLION DOLLARS.

My friend Kelly had to comment and correct me. I assumed that he couldn't have possibly swindled 50 BILLION...that I had heard wrong...but no, it's actually 50 BILLION DOLLARS.

At his press release, he's reported to have said nothing but just given a little sticky note to the reporters with these words: "Sic transit gloria mundi."

"Thus Passeth Worldly Glory."

This phrase is used in the papal coronation ceremony.

What an arrogant thing for such a man to say! I told this to my French professor, and it really cracked him up. At the beginning of the semester we had a unit on Latin (the class was History of the French Language), and he happens to be a genius when it comes to English, French, Finnish, Dutch, Hebrew, and of course, Latin.

If only I were a High School Latin teacher. Man, that would be a great story to tell them!


POOF no more Nausea!

I stopped taking my prenatal vitamins and I don't feel queasy anymore.

This is wonderful. And horrible. My first appointment is this Monday, so I'll ask then about what can/can't be done.

Greg and Esther got married today! I'm so happy for them!

I decided to permanently boycott Radio West. More on that later.



I have never been able to spell "nausia" - "nauesia" - "nuasiea" - "nausea" FINALLY!

My tummy is tough, so I haven't actually vomited yet, but every once in a while I get this sudden lurch of "ewwwwww I feel disgusting! I feel nasty! I'm going to die!" and then it goes away.

This is not reserved for the mornings. In fact, it happens more often when I'm driving or when I'm trying to fall asleep. Nasty. Really, really nasty.

I've also been craving the weirdest things. I'm going to blame this on the pregnancy, even if it turns out it's totally unrelated. For example, the other night I honestly felt like the only thing in the whole world that I could stomach was Lamb Saag. What!??!?! Danny thought it was funny - he would have gotten it for me, too, but that would have been a bit ridiculous. Lamb Saag? We don't have a budget that can afford me getting Lamb Saag tonight and Prime Rib tomorrow.

Other things I've craved:
mashed potatoes
Cafe Rio
Basically any fast food restaurant...

Things that make my stomach lurch at the thought of them:
::::ewww:::::: shepherd's pie
chicken with pasta


Next year and teaching?

I wonder what next year will be like.

This year I am taking classes at BYU. This semester is my last "official" semester with classes on campus. Next semester I will be doing my student teaching at Lehi High School. Officially I am a French Teaching major.

I was hired to teach Arabic to middle schoolers at Renaissance Academy August 2007. I taught 2 classes of Arabic. It was great. Hard, but awesome. I taught a 6th grade class and a combined 7th-8th grade class.

My supervisor and I were talking today about the future of Arabic at Renaissance. This year they had Chinese in Kindergarten, and next year they will add Chinese to all grade levels. So Chinese will be K-8. Awesome! My supervisor also wants to open a beginning Arabic class for all the students in 7th and 8th grade who are new. So I would teach a beginning 6th grade Arabic class, a second year 7th/8th grade class, and a first year 7th/8th grade class. I am so excited. I hope this works.

"You know...so you'll keep us posted if there's a move or a job change or a baby..."

So I finally told my supervisor that I'm pregnant. She asked if I will want to keep working or if I will want to be a stay at home mom. Most women in Utah choose the latter.

We just can't do that financially right now. Danny will still be a full time student.

His schedule will be flexible, which is good because that will allow me to work and him watch the baby during those hours. Will I really be able to teach another beginning level Arabic class?

I really hope so. I love beginning level Arabic. It's fun to teach. Especially middle schoolers! Who knew I would grow up to teach the same grades that I used to despise?

Who knows what next year will be like.


I hate being sick. Don't you?

Danny is reading this over my shoulder. He says, "Yes."

It's hard to teach middle school when you are sick and out of energy. But because my students are wonderful, and we have built up a strong relationship of trust this year and last, they were able to be quieter than usual and pay attention. I was amazed. Establishing a routine really, really helps.

We made our Arabic Class Family Tree. I had a drawing of a tree on butcher paper, hung from tacks on the tack strip. My aide made us pink and blue (girl and boy) colored cut-out leaves. They were really easy to make, from a mold.

The kids decided who they were. They got to do themselves and at least 2 celebrities. It was hilarious. Ameera was married to Will Smith, whose father was Hussein and Angelina Jolie. It worked very well, I think.

I feel disgusting. Not like vomiting, not like headachey - just overall blagh. Very sore throat. I can't talk very loud.

Danny felt my belly tonight. I told him that I can totally tell. I asked if he could, and he said, "sort of." I guess it's a lot easier to tell if you know what it's normally supposed to feel like.