I have never been able to spell "nausia" - "nauesia" - "nuasiea" - "nausea" FINALLY!

My tummy is tough, so I haven't actually vomited yet, but every once in a while I get this sudden lurch of "ewwwwww I feel disgusting! I feel nasty! I'm going to die!" and then it goes away.

This is not reserved for the mornings. In fact, it happens more often when I'm driving or when I'm trying to fall asleep. Nasty. Really, really nasty.

I've also been craving the weirdest things. I'm going to blame this on the pregnancy, even if it turns out it's totally unrelated. For example, the other night I honestly felt like the only thing in the whole world that I could stomach was Lamb Saag. What!??!?! Danny thought it was funny - he would have gotten it for me, too, but that would have been a bit ridiculous. Lamb Saag? We don't have a budget that can afford me getting Lamb Saag tonight and Prime Rib tomorrow.

Other things I've craved:
mashed potatoes
Cafe Rio
Basically any fast food restaurant...

Things that make my stomach lurch at the thought of them:
::::ewww:::::: shepherd's pie
chicken with pasta


  1. one minute all i want is chicken, the next minute, the thought of it all piled up on a plate makes me want to hurl. i am nauseated all day long with this little critter--it wasnt like this with briggy!!! ahghhghfghhghhhhhh :(

  2. Oh the joys of pregnancy. A lot of women I know crave fast food in the first trimester. I don't really know why. With my first, the ONLY thing I could eat without puking was McDonald's french fries for the first couple of months. No wonder I gained 60 lbs!

  3. hahaha! Thanks for your comment back--that Doug Fabrezio...what shall we ever do with him? Maybe Danny's right, that he's trying too hard...I don't know. It's probably some combination of a lot of factors. Crazy man.

    Re: updates with me--I'm teaching English at a junior high in Lindon. I'll start full-time student teaching there in January, so up to this point I've still had classes and all. My husband Scott is graduating in April, too, and after that it's off to grad school for him and a full-time teaching gig for me! (Who knows where...probably in the South somewhere. 3 of Scott's 4 schools are there.) Adventures!


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