I hate being sick. Don't you?

Danny is reading this over my shoulder. He says, "Yes."

It's hard to teach middle school when you are sick and out of energy. But because my students are wonderful, and we have built up a strong relationship of trust this year and last, they were able to be quieter than usual and pay attention. I was amazed. Establishing a routine really, really helps.

We made our Arabic Class Family Tree. I had a drawing of a tree on butcher paper, hung from tacks on the tack strip. My aide made us pink and blue (girl and boy) colored cut-out leaves. They were really easy to make, from a mold.

The kids decided who they were. They got to do themselves and at least 2 celebrities. It was hilarious. Ameera was married to Will Smith, whose father was Hussein and Angelina Jolie. It worked very well, I think.

I feel disgusting. Not like vomiting, not like headachey - just overall blagh. Very sore throat. I can't talk very loud.

Danny felt my belly tonight. I told him that I can totally tell. I asked if he could, and he said, "sort of." I guess it's a lot easier to tell if you know what it's normally supposed to feel like.

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  1. hey kate-
    I was reading your other blog about the midwife dilemma. I felt the SAME way. I told them there was NO WAY a man was going to be prying around down there! I love my midwife...and I was all about getting drugs during delivery--but when I had Briggy I was out of state....so I ended up HAVING A MAN! deliver Briggy, and no drugs---unfortunately things didn't pan out exactly how I wanted them to...but for all my check ups I had my sweet midwife! (I personally think they know a lot more about the birthing experience and all that jazz down there because thats there NUMBER ONE focus, you know? and when youre in delivery, they are all about you--no rushing to deliver five other babies. Okay, now Im rambling, but just wanted to let you know I felt the exact same way you do!
    ps--i spent nine months worrying about the delivery, and honest to goodness, it really wasnt that bad.


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