Revamping th'ole Blog

Yeah...I like to blog. Or at least, I used to. Then things happened like...school, and getting married, and...soon I realized that I missed my old friend, katesamericanlife. So here I am, back at it again.

When I realized I was pregnant, I thought, "Oh! I could totally blog about this!" Now, you should realize that I DO sometimes, if infrequently, update our family blog, which is challisadventures.blogspot.com - but the thought of taking over that blog as my pregnancy venting blog was not appealing. What if someday our kids want to use it for...something? You know?

So then I decided to make a new blog. But thinking about all of the blogs that are started and never finished, or never written on started to make me shudder. Seriously, there are so many wastes of excuses for blogs out there! Cyber junk. Someone should put them in an insinerator.

So FINALLY I decided to revamp my old blog. The title is catchy, if you ever listen to NPR, that is. Which I do. Every day. For almost the hour that it takes to get to and from work.

Et voila! This is her! Beautious, lovelious...I hope you enjoy it. Sometimes I write my blog goals - and so here they are for 2009, albeit a month early:

1. Write on my blog often
2. Put photos on my blog often
3. Get people to read and check my blog often.



  1. Kate and Danny,
    Congrats on your pregnancy! You seem to be feeling OK, despite frequent visits to the bathroom. That is normal and "this, too, will pass". Trust me. Then, you'll have new complaints. But, I LOVED being pregnant, so I hope it is a great adventure for you both. We love you! Aunt Bev and Uncle Jon Amanda and Krista
    PS We wish you could be here to celebrate Amanda's wedding with us! We will miss you!

  2. i read your blog! even though i haven't seen you since high school! hope that's not...creepy...

    -mary b


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