I have to Pee X A BILLION

Seriously. Once my mom gave me a compliment, "You have a very good bladder! You'll appreciate that someday!"

Well, it's "someday", and my bladder is no longer any size bigger than a pea, apparently, because I have to get up about (okay it only FEELS this way, but) every 20 minutes to pea about 1/4 cup of water. This is ridiculous.

Danny's said his mom said that it gets better sometime during the middle. I don't really see how, since the baby is only about 1/4 inch long or less now, and is going to be a HECKUVA lot bigger later. Hmmm....

Hot laptops on my pregnant belly increase the need to pee, I've decided.


  1. for me it got worse! im already peeing up a storm and im a week behind you on our newest edition! when i was pregnant with briggy, all of my co-workers said I should just stay in the bathroom and pretend i was cleaning it, because i was in there so often! we're so excited for you and danny, babies are the greatest blessing!

  2. can I add you on my bloglist--or do you not want the entire ward knowing about your bun in the oven?
    my family blog is:


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