5th Year High School Reunion

So Danny and I were home for the weekend of my 5th Year High School Reunion. It was the weekend of my mom's birthday, and she also threw me a wonderful baby shower. Danny and I decided it would be fun to go to the reunion, too.

Secretly, I've always thought it would be awesome if I could go to my 5th year reunion and be the only one married with a child. Although this baby is not yet born, I was still the only one there married and pregnant. Danny thought it weirded some people out. When we showed up, a whole table full of people turned around and were like, "Whoah, there's Kate!" Funny.

Everybody was really nice! They were friendly, asked about what was going on, and I asked about their goings-on. Almost every single person I saw said the same thing to me, "Congratulations for everything!" Funny. I felt like saying, "Congratulations to you, too...I'm sure there's something you've done in the past 5 years that deserves some kind of congratulations!" I guess mine was just a lot more visual. This huge 8 month pregnant belly, and my loyal sidekick and companion, Danny. Yeah.

I didn't notice a single other person besides Danny and me that wasn't drinking. This meant that as the night progressed, they got friendlier and friendlier and stinkier and stinkier. It was interesting; probably one of the only experiences I've ever had where I've been around drinking (and many flat out drunk) people and not felt like I was somehow putting myself in a bad situation. It was the reunion, not a secret, backyard party. One person specifically mentioned how they don't normally drink, it's just that they are around High School people and it brings back memories of them being rebellious and sneaking alcohol. That made a lot of sense to me.

Danny got to see what High School was like for me a little bit better. I was NOT popular, in fact, did not have very many close friends at all. The people who I care about from Williston are my teachers like Mr. Hing, Mr. Luikart, M. Blanchette, Susan, Marcia, etc., who I have kept in contact with. But lots of people still remembered my name (and I remembered theirs too, which surprised me!) and were friendly.

All in all, I had a good time. I'm glad the night didn't last too long, though.

I feel pretty satisfied, too. I've accomplished a LOT during these last 5 years, even though I will graduate in August and most of them have already graduated. Comparatively, I've got a much more clear outline for the rest of my life than almost anybody who was there. I had to explain to somebody that after the baby is born, I will stay home and not work. I think the idea of getting married young, having kids young, and being a stay at home mom are just completely "out there" for a lot of my old high school peers. Honestly, I feel secretly proud of my goal to be a mom, even MORE so because it seems to unnerve these other people. That's probably not a very mature thought process, though.

We ended up swing dancing for one of the dances, and an old couple came up to us and said that it made them really happy to see us dancing to Big Band. That kind of dancing is still alive and well in Provo!

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