Baby Shower take II

I wish that I had brought my camera, or that I had pictures. I was waiting to post about this because I wanted to put some photos up, but I'd rather post about it now.

My sisters and mother in law threw me a second baby shower here in Utah. Again, I hate the word "perfect" because it's too stressful, but again, I would have to use it to describe the party. There was as chocolate fountain and yummy ravioli. It was in Becky's "club house". It was funny because she lives in condos that really do have a club house next to the pool, but I just assumed that she meant her condo when she wrote "club house" on the invite. I thought, well that's a little funny to call your house a "club house" but okay...

Everybody was so nice and generous. Unlike the shower at home, where everything was clothes and giftcards, most every gift given was something that I would have had NO way to transport back from Massachusetts, but that I still will need. Like bubble bath (which I have used...twice...even though it's supposedly for the baby), or a diaper trash can, or a mesh baby bath chair. I am really grateful to have in-laws and friends who care about me and support me in having a baby. It was really, really, really nice.

And fun! We had a pinata, which we all had to hit! Inside were chocolates and baby things, like spoons and tylonol and outlet covers. It was way, way fun. We used a cute, frilly baby diaper-cover as the blindfold. Ahhh I wish I had pictures.

Thank you to everyone who helped make that night so fun! I had an awesome time!


  1. Taking pinata idea and tucking it away for future use. That's such a cute idea!

    You're getting close, Kate. You have a hundred days less to go than me, you lucky girl!

    Maybe your baby will be born on Rachel's birthday (but that would mean being late...don't do it, Kate)!

  2. what is the color scheme for jane's nursery?!?! What bedding set did you end up getting?


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