Kate's American Death

No, I'm not dying, but this blog is!

Kate's American Life


RIP Forevermore!

:::sniff sniff:::

Okay anyway...


A new era begins!


My Friend's "Oscar's Bingo"

Hey, if you're watching the Oscars, you should check out this. It's heeeeelarious.

We, sadly, are not. We only have netflix. So that's kind of sad because I like the Oscars even if they are silly and stupid. Haha. I have great memories of watching them with my dad when I was a teenager.


Facebook Hackers Suck

Awesome :::rolls eyes::: my facebook account was hacked by somebody claiming I am in London and got robbed, and I need them to wire them some money. As adventurous as that sounds, I'd prefer my first trip to England to involve less illegal activity, not to mention being obnoxious and annoying to friends and people I know.

So, if you were one of the people who "I" requested money from, I'm really sorry. Believe me, it's just as horrible for you as it is for me.

And with that, I think I'll take a six month hiatus from facebooking. See how it goes. I've done it in the past, and I'm about due for another "off cycle." Blogging on the other hand...

I mean, what, did they actually think somebody was stupid enough to believe them????


The Future

Today at quilting the ladies had this really interesting discussion about, "HOW did I get here????"

One of them was talking about the disastrous weekend of her daughter. The things that I remember were that their hot water heater blew out, one of their kids poured an entire thing of syrup on the floor, the daughter accidentally ran her car into her dad's car in the driveway causing so much damage that they have to submit a claim, and to top it off, this poor lady is pregnant.

And then, all these awesome middle aged women started talking about how some days they would (or still do) just wake up and look around and say, "What? HOW did I get here? HOW did I suddenly have all these kids and all these huge, major, difficult problems to deal with????? I can remember being a teenager! Oh man, the problems I thought I had back then were so not even problems at all!"

Then they started talking about how when they look at young, newly married couples who are so deeply in love and act as if the entire world is just shiny and perfect, they just kind of shake their heads and think, "Oh man, just wait."

They talked about how it's not necessarily that they will experience marital problems, or whatever (although this was strongly implied), but they definitely all agreed that life will come with some huge unexpected problems. Like children with disabilities, or a husband who is out of a job for a year and suddenly your entire savings-for-going-on-a-mission is poof gone, to name a few.

This conversation was so interesting to me, because I would definitely classify myself in the "shiny newlywed" category. I mean, I guess we've got two kids so we're not exactly newlyweds. But we've only been married two years, and I feel very much the same way about Danny as the day we got married (which is that he's the most dreamy guy in the entire universe and I don't really see how I can possibly deserve him, but somehow I convinced him to marry me anyway!). Our life is pretty much idyllic...I mean...there are problems sure, but big ones? No. We live a happy, mundane life.

So this conversation made me wonder what is in store for us. I wonder if it is a good thing to expect problems? Will this help us deal with them when they come? Is it better to hope for the best but expect the worst? I think that's basically Danny's philosophy, or maybe I'm getting it all wrong. But that seems to make sense, a kind of realistic optimism.

What do you think is in store for us? What's in store for you?