Baby Shower

My mom threw me a perfect baby shower! I really hate the word "perfect" because it has such ridiculous connotations - but it really was perfect. (Danny's and my wedding day was also perfect, literally! It's really crazy that that is possible, but it really is. Even so, I try to avoid that word because it's just so...stressful).

Anyway, here are some photos she sent me of the baby shower.

We want to name our baby Jane. Here is the SUPER cute cake she got!

The cake was really a small cake with a bunch of beautiful cupcakes. I'm not going to lie; the icing on those things was really really good.
Ugh, I look so ENORMOUS! If we were playing hide and seek, Danny could just hide behind me! Sad!
Stealing a kiss. If I remember right, my dad was saying something like, "Just wait till Jane comes! She's gonna be such a kill joy!" when this photo was taken. Hehe, yeah (right).
I can't get over how enormous I look in these photos. It was really fun to see the women from the Springfield Ward. I grew up with most of these women serving in Primary or YW. I know them.
A side view, in my parents' living room.
The only game we played was we passed around my old sock monkey doll (that my mom actually made!) and each told a story about a toy that we had played with when we were little. Here I am talking about how the real polly pockets were tiny, nothing like the ones you see in stores now.


  1. you are not enormous!!! i think you saw me when I was pregnant with Brigham--that is the definition of ENORMOUS!! You look great and I'm glad you had a nice fun shower...wish I could have been there!
    have you decided on jane's middle name yet? you could always have a jane penelope and i'll have my penelope jane (someday!)

  2. Ugh. You want to know how to feel enormous? Have another one.

    Seriously. I was as big with this one at 15 weeks as I was with Rachel at 25 weeks. Ick.

    :) But they're worth it.

    I can't wait to see your baby Jane!


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