I'm sorry for "Why I Don't Like Radio West"

In the past two weeks, I have gotten 2 comments on a blog post that I wrote in 2008 called, "Why I don't like Radio West." Both of them were negative. I decided to remove that post. As I went to remove it, I saw that there were 637 hits on that post alone. Holy cow.

I'm not proud of some of the ways I chose to express my opinion on that post. They were really immature. To the anonymous poster who thought that suddenly I started to appreciate Doug Fabrizio as a person after I found out he was Mormon, I would like to say that the embarrassing truth is that I didn't really realize he was a person until after he actually emailed me back. Yeah, that's really dumb. The fact that we shared our faith in common probably helped me relate to him better, too, though I think that even as immature as I was seven years ago, I would have had a similar reaction to a non-Mormon actually emailing me back. But I guess we will never know.

The fact is this post is seven years old. I have changed, the world has changed, and Radio West has also probably changed. On our recent vacation to Utah, I spent some time listening to Doug Fabrizio's interview with Kate Kelly, and I thought he did an excellent job. He asked tough questions in a kind way.

This is more than I did on that past blog post. I was unkind because I thought it was kind of funny and I was too immature to keep my dumb opinions to myself. I didn't really think of him as a real person. I used a highly charged word/idea and used it as an insult instead of articulating myself intelligently. I am sorry for all these things.

I don't want my blog to be known for slurring a radio personality.  I'm sorry that I insulted him on this blog.


  1. At least that brought you back to the blog after two and a half years :)


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