New Teacher

Today was my first day of work at Renaissance Academy, a charter school in Lehi, UT. We watched a movie about Anne Sullivan that made all of us choke up. Teaching is a noble profession.

I am sharing my room with one of the 6th grade math teachers - back to school night is this Friday - I need to correct the midterm test with Jameela the day after tomorrow - tomorrow I am teaching EA-10 - I need to make lesson plans and make copies and get them bound - I need to coordinate with the parent aide and the language classroom aide - I need to get my computer moved from the classroom down the hall into the prep room - I need to decorate my classroom - I need to read about 1,000 pages of stuff - I need to download RenWeb and figure out how I will be grading the students - I need to write a syllabus and a letter home to the parents - I need to make a class materials list - I need to clean my room - I need to sleep.

These are things on my mind.

"You'll love your new Arabic teacher. She's young and cute," I heard one of the front desk ladies say to a student today as he got his schedule. I kind of ran out of the building so that I wouldn't have to say hi - it was a bit unnerving. The kid was very, very, very short.

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  1. Hi, Kate.

    It sounds like you're busy.

    I like the looks of your blog.

    Guess what! I started my first blog today. I'm at Vasicek@wikispaces.com.

    We'll see how it goes. It will be mostly for students and parents.

    Hey... Don't get stressed out over all you have to do. You may want to keep this list somewhere and whittle away at it. There is a lot of paperwork and a lot of record keeping. If you'd like any tips, just say the word. I just went through all this these last two years. The third year looks promising, but there is sooo much to know about, like blogging.

    Best regards.



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