Fun Saturday!

Tonight was a lot of fun. Lots of family is in town because of Jane's baby blessing tomorrow. We had a really fun day today, including a visit to the new OC Tanner jewelry store in Salt Lake City. Too bad the thing I picked out was more than a downpayment on a house! I was also able to get some temple names printed from the Family History library, so that was cool. We had lunch at the Lion House. Later, Sarah, Mykle, Joe, and Pop came over and we all had dinner together. It was really fun. Danny and I are always saying how we wish that every day was the weekend. We think that's what heaven is going to be: Saturday. (I actually figured that out when I was very little, but it had a lot more to do with cartoons).

My hot husband!

Isn't Jane adorable?

The new OC Tanner building. It's really beautiful inside.

Jane's halloween costume 2009!

All the grandkids (plus Ella, their Aunt)

Pop and sleepy baby

Cute sock monkey nephews (and the sock monkey doll my mom made!)

"Say 'Macaroni and Cheese'!" (one of the only foods this one will eat!)

And this one is starting to talk! Tonight he said, "Bob the builder!" perfectly and surprised us all!

Auntie Ella!

Dan and his iPhone. I used my camera, he used his phone.

Granny Janny and Danny (in the background).

And now...I'm going to sleep.

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