DMBA absolutely SUCKS

 DMBA (Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators) is the absolute worst insurance company I have ever dealt with before in my life. I had a baby on July 15. I was covered by the student health plan, which gives me 80/20 coverage. It is October 20th and I still have not gotten the correct bill.

At first, it was because somewhere between the hospital and the insurance company, the code was switched from "Maternity" to "Mental Health". I certainly was NOT in the hospital for "Mental Health". I was there to deliver a baby. I have the proof, too! She is a beautiful girl.

DMBA billed me for $5,000. I called them and told them that it was wrong. They told me I need to call the hospital and have them change the code. I called the hospital. The hospital told me I needed to either call my physician or wait 10 days until they could figure out if it was their own mistake. I did both. It was the hospital's coding mistake. I called the insurance company and verified they had everything they needed to get the bill right. This all took about a month. So from July to August.

I waited.

About a month later in September,  I got another bill for $5,000 from the hospital, and an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from DMBA saying that it was a "duplicate claim", that I was not covered.

I called DMBA and told them that I was indeed covered and their EOB was wrong. They apologized and while on the phone told me that everything was taken care of, they had submitted the correct claim. They said to wait 14-20 days. They told me this in September. It is now October 20th.

Today I got a bill from the hospital for $5,000. It always happens like this: I get the hospital bill, and about a week later I get my EOB from DMBA. On the bottom of the bill, it was written, "duplicate claim." Excuse me?

I called DMBA again today and told them that the bill was yet again wrong. They said that my claim was still coded for "Mental Health", not "Maternity", and that I need to call the hospital to have them send me the "Delivery Record", i.e. proof that I had a baby. I was pretty much pissed off because I have done this three times already. Isn't it their job? They are getting paid for sitting on their butts for 3 MONTHS while my claim has been untouched, and they continue to lie to me about "straightening it out", erstwhile making me do all of the work of calling people to verify this or that record?

The point is, I think that BYU should consider hiring a different insurance company to manage their student health plan. DMBA absolutely sucks.

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