Top 10 List Why Sarah Is Amazing

I meant to post this a long time ago, but better late than never.

Sarah is my little sister. She is an amazing person. She just had a birthday on July 4th. Some of you may think, "Oh wow! That's so great! You get fireworks for your birthday!" There are pros and cons to every single date, and I would have to agree with Sarah, there are probably slightly more cons to having your birthday on July 4th - never having anybody except family around, everything is closed, people think that you are automatically super patriotic so they always buy you red white and blue shirts that you can only wear once a year...yeah.

Sarah tried to change the day that we would celebrate her birthday one year. I don't know why exactly, but it never really stuck.

Anyway, in my family we have a tradition of writing top 10 lists for people who have birthdays. We also have a tradition of waking up whoever it is, racing to be the first to say, "Happy Birthday!" This year was my mom's 50th birthday and I BEAT MY DAD even though he was laying right next to her. One of the greatest triumphs of my life. Uh. Yeah.

Well here is my top 10 list of reasons why I think Sarah Ellen (Vasicek) Law is an awesome person:

10. Sarah marches to the beat of her own drum. She has her own fashion style. She has her own sense of humor. She has her own style. She is not afraid to be different from everybody else. That's pretty awesome.

9. Sarah is an awesome cartoonist. I think she should write an online comic strip like XKDC or whatever it is that my brother really likes. She would probably make a million dollars off the advertising. Seriously. Not only is she excellent at capturing emotions on paper in her drawings, but also in the dialog! SO FUNNY.

8. Sarah and Mykle hang out with me and Danny. They're probably the people we see most often, and have most often at our house. I like having them over a LOT. It feels comfortable to have them here.

7. Sarah has good taste in movies. What is always surprising me is how much more prudish she is than me when it comes to movies!!! Well. Sometimes. When she brings over a movie for us to watch, I know it will be good.

6. She's really good at analyzing people. She sees flaws and attributes equally. I think she is a very fair judge of character. "Excellent judge yes...NOT!" (that was quoting Iago, and was just randomly thrown in there. Doesn't mean anything.)

5. Sarah is the most excited person for me to have this baby, besides me and Danny. It feels good that she's so thrilled.

4. Sarah calls me randomly. I really like that. It's nice to get a phone call from somebody who just wants to talk, for no reason in particular. I like that a lot. I think she is probably the only person besides my mom and Danny who does that.

3. Sarah thinks I'm a great cook. It's been a while since I've cooked anything really delicious, but she still is always complimenting my cooking. That feels good.

2. Sarah copies me a lot. Like I just recently found out that she draws little cartoons of what she wants her future family to look like. I do this too. She was telling my mom about this, and I said, "Hey! I do that too!" and she said, "Well of course, who do you think I got the idea from?"

1. She's a reliable friend. If I need something, she will drop what she's doing to help. It's great to have her as my sister!

WAY TO GO SARAH! Happy 21st birthday!!!!

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  1. Hey, Vasicek is still my middle name, so you don't need parentheses! And I have no idea what you're talking about, you are still good at cooking when you're pregnant! You should come to our house sometime for a reality check. "What's for dinner, honey?" "Well, there's bagels, cereal, frozen pizza..." Yeah. I need to watch you cook dinner when you're up to it again. DESPERATELY.

    The online comic thing is actually a really good idea.

    One thing I like about you is that you have good taste in names for your kids. Everyone else in Utah seems to use the same names over and over. I think 50% of families around here have a son named "Braden" or "Logan."


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