This was taken almost exactly a week ago. Since then she has grown, and you can tell!

I wonder what she thinks of her hiccups. So far she's only had them once when I was trying to nurse her, and that was kind of frustrating for both of us. Fortunately they went away quickly. Danny said that we could try putting her head IN the brown paper bag to get rid of them (as opposed to breathing in and out of it like an adult would). I just don't think there's any solution to getting rid of hiccups, whether you're newborn or ancient.


  1. SHE'S SO CUTE!! Send me this video so I can post it on my facebook page! (If you want)

  2. Just to clarify, the paper bag comment WAS A JOKE! Don't need CPS coming after me.

  3. Haha! She's so cute and very alert for just a week old. Love it!


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