"I'm Hans Christian Andersen!"

I was at Barnes and Noble last night, and saw the 1952 film "Hans Christian Andersen" on DVD for $9.99. So of course I got it. That movie was a big influence on my childhood!

Not only that, but my ancestors are from the same town, Odense, in Denmark. My grandma's grandma spoke Danish. My mom seems to think we may even be somehow related, but I think that's kind of farfetched. Especially the way that Danish people did their names - Hans Christian Andersen's kids wouldn't be Andersens like my ancestors, they would be Hansens. It's super confusing. Maybe someday I will like sorting through Scandinavian ancestry. Right now I prefer Czechs and Utahns.

Danny and I watched it, and we both really liked it. What a great movie. And guess what? The music is by Frank Loesser (??????!!!!!)!!! He's the one who wrote the music for "Guys and Dolls". He also wrote the Christmas song, "Baby it's cold outside!" One of the most famous songwriters of the 20th century. Cool.

I took my very last test at BYU today. I am officially DONE with college! It's kind of pathetic that the test was for American Heritage. I walked out of the testing center thinking, "Man, that was exactly like a High School test." Most likely I passed. At this point, that's all that really matters.

And now, Jane is welcome to come any time she feels like it! (Psst, did you hear that, Jane???)

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