Squirmy 11 day old Jane

Is this much squirming normal?


  1. For some babies, yes. When Rachel was this size we couldn't leave her unattended anywhere because she would squirm off of anything. She never stayed still...turned over, sat, crawled and walked young.

    I have other friends whose babies didn't move hardly at all...

    If she's bothering herself, swaddling might help, but my Rachel always seemed frustrated by being swaddled when awake and always broke out of swaddling while asleep.

  2. Yes, totally normal. New babies don't have control of their limbs and they tend to flail uncontrollably. My son used to always punch himself in the face and wake himself up. Swaddling really helps keep them calm until they can develop some muscle control. She's a cutie!

  3. Hi Kate, Congrats on Jane! Yes, squirming is normal. She is exercising! She is growing and squirming helps her muscles and everything else to develop. She may also squirm because of discomfort or she's working up to a yell, cry or scream. You will figure it out. And, just as you do for Jane, your next baby will be totally different! Enjoy this precious time! Lots of love, Aunt Bev S.


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