Questions I would ask Eve if I could meet her today

"So, what did you learn about the mechanics of pregnancy and childbirth before you left the garden? I mean, how in the heck were you able to have so many babies without the help of anyone except Adam? You must be uncommonly strong, both physically and mentally. And how did it work, when you were a new mom and your first babies were very small? Did Adam go off and slay animals while you sat at home watching the toddlers and infants? Did you stay with Adam while he went "to work"? What was your life like during those first few years? I bet your knowledge of plants and gardening was a huge asset in our world, but how did you learn other things, like cooking? And sewing? Who taught you? Did you feel very lonely? You didn't have other young moms to call up or a facebook or a blog to write on when it got really tedious caring for the little toddlers. How did you do it? And how did you figure out breastfeeding without other people to help you?"

And on and on and on. So many questions.

If there were one dead person who I wish I could meet, it would definitely be her. George Washington would be cool, Joseph Smith, Isaiah, the Virgin Mary...but she would be WAY more interesting to talk to than anybody else I can think of.

And since I speak Arabic, which is apparently the "Adamic Language", we'd be able to communicate just fine. (JUST KIDDING)


  1. I learned recently (Bible Dictionary) that Isaiah was, according to tradition, "sawn asunder," hence artist portray him holding a saw. Not that he tortured and killed himself, but the Israeli king that followed the one for whom he was an adviser, hated Isaiah. I didn't know that Isaiah was a gospel martyr. Anyway, not that I have knowledge but I like to think that the veil was thin, so to speak, and angels helped Eve. She was certainly deserving and in need, eh?


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