Blog Goals 2011

It's that time again. And yes, I know that nobody but me is interested in my blog goals. But it's dang fun to blog about, so here goes.

First, let's see how I did with last year's goals. Here is a link to them.

1. Post Often.
Well, I didn't post every week on every one of my blogs. But I did post much more often on this main blog. I guess I'd say that I accomplished this somewhat, since I posted 113 posts in 2010 vs. 53 posts in 2009.

2. Organize my labels.
Did NOT do.

3. Increase my followers to 25.
Did not do that either. It went from 7 to 12, so that's pretty good.

4. Increase my feed subscribers to 25.
Totally did this. I'm not sure what it used to be, but now I have 57 followers. Wow.

5. Comments: One comment per post.
Didn't exactly do this, but I did way increase my comments. Most posts have at least 1. I'm pretty happy with my comments/post, actually.

6. Post more about my spirituality.
Didn't really do that.

7. Weekly polls.
Ditched this goal.

8. Get 4,000 hits.
I think I said by the summer I should have that many. I'm not sure, but as of this posting I have 6,762 hits. That's great!

9. No complaining posts.
Hmm. Why was this a goal?

10. Monthly funny things
Didn't really do this.

11. Picture and a link with every post
Didn't do this.

12. Sidebar list of all the books read 2010
Working on it, but I decided to make it a post page instead.

13. Sidebar list of all the movies seen 2010
Not a chance.

14. Do not change the template for 6 months.
I think I've actually accomplished this, thanks to blogger's awesome new design software.



200 posts in 2011

2. Increase Followers to 25

3. Increase Feed Subscribers to 100

4. Post more about my spirituality, once/week

5. Get 15,000 hits

6. Picture and link with every post

7. Book reviews of all books read 2011

8. Movie reviews of all movies seen 2011

9. What Was Fo
r Dinner 2011
A section of my blog is going to be devoted to cooking, specifically what I cooked this year. So don't expect 365 photos, since I'm not going to cook every meal. Imagine how weird it would be to take a picture of my dinner when over at a friend's house. Hmm. Not going to happen. But part of this experiment is Danny's and my goal to make a list of things to cook again.

10. Style Quips 2011

Last December was Style Month. It was great. And you know what? I've finally found an excellent topic for web comic. Keep checking out my blog for more on this.

And, that's it. And in order to keep up with one of my blog goals, here is a picture of Jane.

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  1. Jane reminds me, in this photo, of the young girl in "The Grinch" with that crazy comedian playing the lead role... Love it!


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