Girl's Night Out

Oh my gosh. I just had the best time ever. Some gals in my ward wanted a girl's night out, so we got together. I'm so glad they invited me over email otherwise I probably wouldn't have known about it, since I'm a new stay home mom and relatively new in our ward. I almost didn't go, but then Danny really, really wanted me to. We ate dinner and just sat around and talked. My butt is sore from sitting, and my face is sore from smiling.

I can't believe how incredible, interesting, intelligent, and awesome these women are. It's impossible to really convey in a blog post. But maybe if I just wrote a list of some of the things we talked about, then you'd get the gist.

So here goes:

How to prepare for a funeral
Being in the Presidency of an organization in the church and how that will lead to some people hating you, inevitably
An inactive member calling up and demanding an LDS Relief Society to throw a funeral for her non-member dad (food included! Sheesh!)
How hard it is to be called to the Elder's Quorum President, organizing moves
Some place where they had to impose a rule that "you have to go to church for at least 2 months if we are going to help with your move"
Some non-member asking her member friend about the church's "moving company" hahhahahahahaha
Pregnancy hormones, aches, pains
How it just gets worse with each additional child
How pain pills can be horribly addictive, but wonderfully effective
How great yet impersonal the internet is
Facebook woes
How I accidentally deleted all of Danny's friend requests because I thought it was ME logged in, and I had no clue who those people were. Whoooops!
Modern day polygamists in southern Utah and how something like 90% of the ones that leave actually end up voluntarily going back (!!!)
That story of how I got proposed to in Jordan, and how I diplomatically said no
The LDS missionaries whose premature death in the 1800's was the sole reason the Jerusalem Center was able to come to be
How much our ward is an internet-email-facebook-y ward
Baking whole wheat bread and how it changes your ability to eat enriched white bread (yuck!)
Diets and which ones work, and why
Danny's Diet
What in the heck is Jersey Shore and why do people find it entertaining
The ridiculousness of a "regular day" for Gwyneth Paltrow
How sad it is that all female stars turn into sluts (Brittney Spears, Miley Sirus)
...except there are some exceptions, like Taylor Swift, and possibly Hilary Duff
The awesomeness of Taylor Swift
Kids and how they never do what you say
Kids and how they say, "Okay mom" but then don't do what you say
Kids and how the third and fourth one, there's really no good way to keep them quiet during Sacrament Meeting
Kids and how the third and fourth one are defiant
Agatha Christie's Nanny/Housekeeper
The Bookkeeper of Kabul and why it is a depressing book, and why you should read Three Cups of Tea afterward to keep from getting too depressed
The PBS TV show where people try to live like they were in different time periods, like the frontier, or the Pilgrims
How it's pretty great that we don't have to be pioneers, and we're all not really sure what Neal A. Maxwell meant when he said that they would honor our immense sacrifices that we would make in the last days. Like...having to share a husband? Having to give birth in the back of a wagon without any anesthesia? Having to not take a bath for an entire winter because the water was too cold? Hmmm...
Is Israel the Holy Land
How in the heck can missionary work be established in the Middle East
The foundations of the foundations of the foundations of missionary work in the Middle East that Amy and I witnessed over there
How we live in a time when women are expected to do it all, and that it was never like this really before, because in other time periods, women shared labor a lot more
And this is why our houses are messy, and we shouldn't be too upset by it.
How depressing it is to clean a closet and turn around and see the rest of the messy house to clean.
Sister Wives and how they would be great except for the whole sleeping with your husband part
How it would be awesome to have a personal chef, as long as they also did the laundry
...so you could spend time with the kids more! See, everybody wins
How arranged marriages in the Middle East are a lot more similar to Mormon marriages than they are different

and on and on and on...and Danny put a curfew of midnight on me, so this post will have to end.

Thank you so much gals. I needed that so badly. I feel totally refreshed and recharged, and ready for another exciting week of small children. Which, for the record, I DO love, it is just sometimes more difficult than a blog can really express.

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