...after fooling around a little bit with amazon associates, I decided that I completely hate the way their images are tiny, and I feel like blatantly advertising for a product on my blog is A. not respectful to you, my readers, and B. does nothing to enhance my own credibility. Who is to say that I'm not just going to write a whole bunch of glowing hooey just so I can get the commission when you decided to buy the thing?

I'm not anti extra cash coming in. I just REALLY love my blog and I really don't want people to feel like it's a giant walking store.

For now, until someone figures this out in the marketing department chez Amazon, I will continue to save the images to my desktop. But I will provide you a link to the site that has my Amazon affiliate code embedded, so if you do happen to buy the book, I'll get some cash. But there won't be glaring ads, just a simple link (this is how I figured out how to do it). Is this a good compromise? Most of the books I read are selling on Amazon for like, $.01 anyway. I signed up for them to send me a check via mail when I get $100, so figure 4% of $.01 maybe once/month...that means I'll be waiting like, more than twenty thousand years for this check. Ha!

Another thing is, personally I really like links to Amazon. I love to read the book reviews there. I don't feel evil sending you trucking along to Amazon. I just felt grimey using their lousy widgets and in-blog gadgets. Sigh. But they are SO MUCH EASIER.

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