"Being the Mom: 10 Coping Strategies I Learned by Accident Because I Had Children on Purpose" by Emily Watts

This book was written by a self-deprecating, friendly LDS mom of five (I think?) kids. It was a quick, easy, fun read. I got it from interlibrary loan from a library in Salt Lake. It's always interesting to me where the ILL books come from.

And by self deprecating, I really mean it. She subtly puts herself down quite often throughout the book, which was a bit annoying. But I think she meant it to be humorous, as she actually seems to have quite a bit of self confidence and talent. I think it's just the "socially acceptable" way to talk about yourself; some women seem to believe that confidence comes across as pride. I think that's kind of weird. It was just part of the general tone of the book that made me think this, nothing super specific.

It was a very conversational, easy to read book. She gives her opinions on many things, including LDS doctrines relating to motherhood. Many of the stories she shared were interesting, but not very memorable. I don't remember the "10 strategies". Basically, the point of the book was, "Being a mom is hard, and so sometimes you just have to deal with being an imperfect mom, and that's okay, and actually better for you and your family." So, a good message. I enjoyed reading this, and would recommend it for LDS moms. I think maybe a non-LDS reader would not really "get it". I think the book will be far more enjoyable to read when I have older teenagers, because that is primarily what she wrote about.

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