"Soulless" by Gail Carriger

My brother gave me this book for Christmas. It's called "steam punk" which I think is a way of saying it's a hodge-podge of genres that is trying to make itself into its own niche in the literary world. It's basically set in alternate history version of Great Britain, where vampires and werewolves are registered members of society, in Victorian England.

Whereas Romantic (capital R) books that are set in real Victorian times are all about sex without ever being explicit (as one of my English teachers once said), this one is all about sex but is. So if you are not married, don't read it. And just don't bother reading the epilogue at all. I skipped entire pages. I think it really didn't do much for the whole book.

I like that marriage was involved in their romance, though; it's a nice break from Wharton's land of infidelity.

All in all, the book cracked me up a ton, I emailed the author and she was really nice, I don't know if I'll read her future books if they are going to be so sexy, and I would never recommend this to somebody who wasn't married.

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