"The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis

Wow, what a fantastic read! You know how there is a certain point in every book that you get to eventually, where you are like, "I am going to finish this book for sure." Well, in this book, that happened literally one page before the end. That has never happened to me while reading a book before.

It's probably because the whole book was very short. And it's definitely not to say that I wasn't going to finish it earlier on; it's just, well, the "gripper" part, the "clincher" - whatever you want to call it - that part of the book where I have to quit whatever else it is that I am doing and focus all my attention on my book - that wasn't until the very end. It made for an interesting ending.

You probably have heard of this book before. It's about a devil giving advice to his nephew devil who is tempting an English man. He gives him specific advice about how to thwart "the Enemy" (aka God) and His plan. Despite the fact that book is from the point of view of a devil, it's actually quite uplifting! I feel like I gained a lot of insight about how I can become a better Christian, just from reading the book. Plus, many different parts made me laugh, or think, "Hmm, yeah, that's totally true! I had never thought that before."

So, I definitely recommend this. It's quick, uplifting, interesting, and has a great ending.

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