Feng Shui

Our Realtor Kevin asked us if we were into "feng shui". Neither Danny nor I believe much in the good energy, bad energy flowing stuff. But there is definitely truth about the state of your home reflecting the state of your mind, and even to the extent that if your home is decluttered and clean, you can feel the spirit better. Well, at least that's how we feel. I know that's especially true for me. When the house is clean, I feel a LOT less stressed. I can relax and think about things besides, "augh I need to do the laundry AGAIN." That being said, Danny and I both think that there is definitely such a thing as too clean, and that a little bit of clutter makes people feel more welcome and at ease than none.

But that being said, no, we do not believe in feng shui as it relates to spirituality.

Last night, Danny and I started looking up some things about feng shui online, though. I guess our Realtor put the idea in my head. Here we are in a teeny tiny studio hotel room (for the next month). It was really cluttered and crammed, and I was mostly excited to see if there were any ideas about how to better use the space.

It turns out there is a TON of stuff about how to apply feng shui in a studio apartment. And so I used some of those tips, and spent the first 4 hours of the morning decluttering and organizing the apartment. It was actually kind of fun to do. And now there is so much more space!

Example: before, there wasn't room to put Jane on the floor on a blanket. But now there is, and it's just in time for her to start scooting! I put her on her tummy on a blanket, and a teddy bear in front of her. She kept chirping and reaching out for him, but ended up scooting herself about a foot backwards away from her goal. It was funny to watch. She got frustrated. It's the first time I've ever noticed her moving with a purpose. 

So, thank you, Realtor Kevin, for introducing us to feng shui, so that Jane could learn how to scoot!

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