Welcome 2008!

Today I read random facts with Danny. The number of combinations a rubik's cube has (somewhere in the quatrillions). The longest word in the English language you can write with only your left hand on the keyboard, "stewardesses." That Bert and Ernie were modeled after the Cop and the Taxi Driver in It's A Wonderful Life. Other things.

I can imagine him in slippers. I can imagine me sipping hot chocolate on a cold, cold morning. I can imagine sprinklers and light switches and lawn-mowers humming outside the window. I love this kind of thinking about my CAPITAL "F" FUTURE! 

I first called it that in a letter to Danny, one day when I was feeling anxious. It's like...I feel a million miles away from that girl now. 

Dot and I watched an incredibly stupid movie last night called A Wedding for Bella. It was very lame. We skipped the sex scene, and ended up skipping the movie. As Joe would say, "Beekh." (He should say "bayeekh" or "baykha" but whatever). 

I tried to take pictures of me with my dog, but honestly, I wasn't too invested in it. I think it was an afterthought of looking through Sarah's three incredible scrapbooks, one devoted entirely to Marshy. 

If I have more than one daughter (the first one will be named 'Jane'), which is pretty likely, there's no way that I would ever name her, "Margie". It sounds too much like a dog.



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