Do you like my haircut?

I look like an anime character. You can call me Kyo. What the heck was I thinking?


  1. What did you do to your hair Miss Vasicek?! I kinda like it though.Its different.

  2. Kate, you crack me up. First, your profile picture...wonderful.

    Second, "You can call me Kyo..." to die for.

    Ah, Kate! :) Wow, you crack me up! Always have, always will.

    And it sounds like you don't like your haircut too well. I must admit that it isn't a style I would ever see on you, but you do wear it well (you always look good in everything...man those first few days in Jordan I looked like someone who'd been awake for days on end and was slowly dying...you looked fabulous) and it will grow :)


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