Out of Step

I saw a "Mormon Movie" tonight that was absolutely adorable, called Out of Step. In a lot of ways, it paralleled my own life. So what if it was a chick flick. Danny should be thanking me for watching it. One less cheesy movie  to watch with him! "But I only like watching chick flicks because I get to cuddle with you!" "Oh! Well, you can do that any time!" Still, the thought of cuddling while watching Terminator or Metal Gear Solid is kind of...not appealing. Probably those movies are rated 'R' anyway, but that's not the point.

The point is I saw a cheesy chick flick that I really related to. Here's why:

- struggles through dating decisions, specifically choosing (in my case, luckily, the choice was not very hard!)
- dating a non-member and the feelings that brings
- dealing with consequences of dating a nonmember
- living far away from your family
- growing up and trying to stay close with your parents but it being really hard because you're so far away
- At one point during the movie, she describes her life as, "Dating Dave." Sometimes I can relate to that, although I did get an A in at least one of my classes this semester!
- not a strong desire to date the typical mormon guys available
- schoooooooooooooooooooool blues

I miss Danny. He said something hilarious today. "You know, I thought of the upside of being away from you today."
"What?" I was very curious.
"Well, it makes this vacation a LOT longer."

Possibly I'll post comics tomorrow.

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