Danny: "Yay! You finished writing your novel! Do you want me to get you a treat to celebrate?"

me: "No." (thinking of the pan of brownies I have basically devoured by myself in the past few days).

Danny: "Do you want to...[looking over my shoulder at what I am doing on my computer] blog about it to celebrate?"

me: "Yes."

Danny: "You're going to celebrate writing 50,000 words...by writing more!"

Here is the Top Ten List of Things I Learned from Nanowrimo 2010
10. Pick a better story
9. It's hard to write when you are the primary caretaker of two babies...
8. ...but it's very possible...
7. ...and sometimes enjoyable. Except why did they choose to put nanowrimo in the month of both my birthday AND Thanksgiving? That was dumb of them.
6. Outlines shmoutlines; the outline usually made the writing more difficult
5. Blogging is a totally different kind of writing from noveling.
4. Writers deserve a lot more respect than I tend to give them. I think I'll go easier on them in my book reviews from now on.
3. My brother is amazing because he has finished not one, not two, but SEVERAL novels. And by finished I mean edited, revised, edited, revised, edited, revised, edited, revised, etc. That is not something I have done.
2. I want to bury this novel in the backyard so I never have to see its ugly face again (and no, you can't read it either)
1. Nanowrimo 2011 here we come! And this next time, I won't start 4 days late and have to write 8,000 words the last day!

me: "Okay, let's watch youtube to celebrate now."
Danny: "You didn't actually say that. You just typed it."
me: "Okay let's watch youtube to celebrate now."
Danny: "Okay."


  1. Yay! Congratulations! That's really impressive. :) Based on the projects on my to-do list that I have abandoned this month, I'm doubly impressed that you stuck with this one!

  2. Great job! I never finished mine--I got sidetracked editing another novel for an agent I met at World Fantasy. I know what it feels like to want to bury or burn what you've written--I've been through it far too many times. Still, it's a major accomplishment. Congrats!

  3. You go girl! And yes, taking care of little ones while writing a novel is not a walk in the park, but totally possible. Congratulations fellow winner!1 And thanks for getting me into it too.

  4. Good for you finishing NaNo write? Are you sure you won't let me read it? We could have a trade. I could help you revise and you could help me revise.

  5. And for the record, I don't know why I put a ? at the end of that first sentence. I meant to put an exclamation point, but I guess I hit the wrong key. Sorry about that.


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