You Lie!

So, here is a funny story.

We're learning about occupations in my 3rd year Arabic class. One of the new words was "politician" so I told the kids a story that my friend Mary told us last night when she and her husband came over for dinner.

First we talked about the congressman Joe Wilson who got up and said, "You lie!" in response to President Obama's comment that there would be no health care for illegal immigrants.

So during the speech that President Obama gave to K-12 schools, he said something about how it's too bad that popular culture sends the message that in order to be rich, famous, and influential you have to be a super model, a rapper, or an actor, but the truth is that the majority of people will never be super models, rappers, or actors. One of her students got up, right on cue, and said, "YOU LIE!"

Later in class, I had one student act out different occupations and while the rest guessed which one they were doing. Of course, the clue for "politician" was "INTA KIZZAAAB!"

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