to do list 11/5

Today is my birthday. So far it's been a pretty blah day. Here is my list of things I must do.

To do 11/5/07

Read scriptures done

Goals for technology integration done

Any other missing assignments for IP&T?

Do the first 2 chapters for Worst Case Scenario book for the Classroom Management class

Look at CM class, see if anything else was due done

Try to send the email with the disclosure in it done

Figure out when/where to get fingerprinted tomorrow

Arabic observation logs

Email Kirk about a plan of when to teach

Arabic articles – read and make a vocabulary list for 4 articles for Wednesday, 1 for today on Darfur

Call Danny

Go to IP&T class

Go to Class Management class

Go home

Make an envelope for gas money

Write check, go to Shirley’s house and pay the rent.

Clean room

Clean bathroom

Clean kitchen

Take a shower

Get dressed up

Go out with Danny <3>

Come home

Start writing the Beede 1 portfolio

Start studying for the Fam Life final

Send Shereen the articles you want her to use for the midterm

Read scriptures, say prayers, go to sleep

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