Baby 15: mom 4 - hours of sleep that is.

Why does it always happen that I wake up at 3 am, lie awake in bed for an hour unable to fall asleep, figure out that my stomach is screaming, "HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER!" after about an hour, get a bowl of cereal at 4 am, and just as I'm finishing said B.O.C., le bebe awakes?

Rinse and repeat.

And repeat.

And repeat, ad infinitum.

Baby Dan, please wake up at 3 am next time.


  1. I noticed when I had babies that I would wake up just before they did. It is a form of conditioning I think. If you could resist the temptation to get up and eat then body your rhythm would change. You do want him to sleep long and longer, don't you.

  2. I don't choose to experience hunger pains every night at 3-4 am, and I don't control when my baby wakes up, either. It just happens. It is not possible to "resist the temptation" - anyway, temptation implies some terrible sin or something, which eating a b.o.c. at night most certainly is not. He will sleep longer when his body is ready, as will I. Probably you're just forgetting what it's like to exclusively breastfeed a baby.

  3. wow Kate, I recommend taking a deep breath before writing impulsive and rather rude responses to innocent blog comments.

  4. Or you could read that with the intended tone, which was totally supposed to be matter-of-fact.


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