"O Pioneers!" by Willa Cather

I read this book because Willa Cather had a long list of books in the back of the copy of "Robinson Crusoe" that I read. You know, the list of Signet Classics, or whatever.

And I actually really liked some of the book. But the main problem was this: it transplanted the two main characters from "Ethan Frome" and put them in the Nebraska prairie. I'm sorry, whether it's miserable Massachusetts or blossoming Nebraska, I don't like to read about infidelity. I think I'm going to start screening my books; I hate reading about problems in marriage. It's not interesting, or fun, or enjoyable.

And the other thing was, at the end of reading this book I felt inspired to write an essay explaining the characters' symbolism. I'm not sure if that kind of inspiration is good or not. The librarian who returned my books was like, "Yeah, I haven't read that book since 9th grade English, and I don't plan on reading it again. [Leafs through the covers] Nope, definitely not."

(Can't find the cover)

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